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Finally got around to playin! Fun, clean little game :) Great work!

Thank you Stoff! I'm glad you liked it :)


This is really lovely! It was awesome seeing the progression of "concept art" to fully made game! Great work!

Thank you! It's been lovely sharing my process as open as I did, it certainly helped me stay motivated and tap into disciplines I've never touched before. I can't wait to share what's next ^-^


A fun little platform jumper game! The art and music are fun and simultaneously soothing, and I love the little sound effects!! The first statue surprised me into making a full :O expression lol. Great little game, thanks for sharing it with us!! :D <3

Thank you!~ I really tried to strike a balance between fast-paced gameplay, and the soothing environment/ambiance. And maybe I'll make something telegraphing the first incoming obstacle in the future, haha! Thanks for playing <3